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Next you will presented with the login screen for your VPN. Here you will enter the same credentials you use to log into Windows. For the Domain field, use the drop down box to select [YOUR DOMAIN]:


The next screen will show you your bookmarks. Your next step will be to select your bookmark. While the text will be different for each person's bookmark, it will always be in the same location:



When you click on your bookmark, a new window may open with the following warning. Click OK:


You are now connected to your work computer. However, to get the best performance, you will want to switch to full screen view. To do so, look for the shield in the upper right hand corner:

When you click on the Shield, you will be presented with a menu. Select Full Screen to remove the browser window borders and work in full screen:


When you are done working, you will want to exit the VPN. To do so, click on the shield again to bring up the menu, but this time click Exit.


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