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Network Evaluation and Security Audit


We offer a network evaluation for any business! This evaluation involves an onsite visit most of the time and consist of a detailed report after the evaluation. We can take a look at everything from security, to the specs of every computer in your business. The amount of detail is really up to you. By default we will detail and take a look at the following;


  • Wired and Wireless Security

  • Firewall and Internet Security

  • Age of computers and infrastructure

  • Computer performance based on specs and age

  • Your business’s daily workflow and how technology integrates into your work flow

  • Email technology, speed and security

  • Industry standard compliance

  • Updates/Patches for both computers and servers

  • Question your staff about recent or daily computer problems/issues

  • Internet Speed and cost

  • Program versions

  • How mobile users operate if you have any



Once we document all the information and finish our network evaluation, we will build a custom report that makes sense to you and explains it in terms anyone can understand. It will include all the data gathered during the visit and what needs improvement (if anything), more effective work flows and if your company is cloud ready.

Book an Onsite Audit

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